2021 TEAMS

Team Coach W L
Class of 2022 Gray 0 0
Class of 2023 Lambert 0 0
Class of 2024 TBA 0 0
Class of 2025 Watson 0 0
Class of 2026 TBA 0 0
Class of 2027 TBA 0 0
Class of 2028 Lambert 0 0


Select | Our top ten (10) players from the 2022 and 2023 classes. This team will complete at top level regional events (WV, OH, KY, PA, VA, NC), National and NCAA Live events, including the Blue Star League. NCAA Live events will include 4 to 6 tournaments. Overall this team will participate in 10 to 12 tournaments between late March through July 31st.

Travel | Teams will compete in top regional events throughout WV, OH, KY, PA, VA, and NC. Teams will be formed from the classes of 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2026. High School aged teams will have potential to compete at National and NCAA Live events, including the Blue Star League. Middle School aged teams will have the potential to attend one (1) National event and 7th and 8th grade will also have the potential to attend, at least, one (1) NCAA live event. Overall this level will participate in 8 to 10 tournaments between March through July 31st.

Development | Elementary school teams are generally our grassroots program and will focus on skills and fundamental development. Teams will participate in regional tournaments in WV, KY, and OH beginning late February through Mid June. Teams will have potential to play at one (1) National tournament for their age group. Typically, these teams will play in 6 to 8 tournaments.

Recreational | These teams will be identified as players that require fundamental skill development will consist of grades between 6th and 11th. The primary focus will be development and training and not travel. These teams will play in recreational leagues and local tournaments beginning in March through May. Based on the team’s progression, there can be the potential to participate in a regional tournament in WV, KY or OH and to have their season extended through June.